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Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

We don’t realize it, but light is perhaps one of the most critical elements in interior design. Lighting plays with our perceptions, creates unique sensations and experiences that can completely transform the environment around us. Here at hexaTile Touch our design and development team works heavily on all aspects by continually keeping our consumers in mind.

Without proper lighting, interior architecture cannot be experienced to the absolute. High-grade lighting assures a warm, welcoming, and functional atmosphere in a home. Hence selecting fitting lighting is an essential element in interior design as it magnifies everything in a room – from the flooring, furniture, fittings to the finishes, and textures. Creative use of lighting can, in truth, embellish a decorating plan. At hexaTile Touch, we strive to provide our customers with endless design possibilities, which stems from the six-sided hexatile.

Lighting is an essential tool in interior design and should never be ignored. The way in which lighting is incorporated into a home defines the mood of the user of the space as it has a vast impact on the perception.

If you're wanting to add light to your home, take a look at our modular hexatiles and discover the countless amount of shapes you can create!