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How a Lighting Designer's Mind Operates

Here at hexaTile Touch, we relish getting to know our designers. We poke inside to take a peek at their passions and their interpretations of virtue. This time we’re interviewing Nick, who's one of our two designers. Waking up and walking outside, seeing nature turn as the morning light rises all around, is the fittest time of day for Nick. Designer, artist-not-artist, innovator, mentor, father, lover, buyer of undefined, quirky objects. Nick designs with love and purpose. Then HT asked Nick to design a hexagonal light model. Nick came to us with Hollow, and here’s what he has to say. 

The Trip Between a Sketch and The Product in The Store

When I have something in mind, it begins with a sketch. If I produce a functional object, I want to be sure that it will operate. I have to find out its boundaries and make sure it’s possible to construct. I’m not creating a one-off piece. There’s value in creating something functional, and that’s why I’m a designer. Not an artist.

Creating More Product Designs in The Future

I've thought of new complementary product designs, and I'm sure we'll have something coming shortly to complement our existing hexatiles. I like to accelerate companies, deviate from the usual, provoke. Most of the time, it’s just for inspiration and influence. Who knows one day, I’ll design something for HT that’s not a light. I think it’s necessary to forge your path and stop following everyone on the main trail. Sure it can be dangerous, but it’s wonderful.